What exactly is S-Bar™?

S-Bar™ elevates your beverage service to the next level! Simply pull the lift system to receive a refreshing drink from the built-in dispenser with a custom-engineered passive cooling system that keeps your drinks cold without any power source.

Where to use S-Bar™?

S-Bar™ can be installed practically on any horizontal surface. The elegant lift system with its hidden cooler compartment adds an extra touch of design and luxury to spas, saunas, yachts, recreational vehicles, outdoor kitchens, venues – any entertainment space!

Why opt for S-Bar™?

The perfect union of form and function, S-Bar™ allows you to keep fresh beverages at hand without compromising on design. It integrates into almost any furniture and the lift can be covered with a material of choice for a seamless custom look.

What to store in S-Bar™?

The patented dispensing mechanism can be customized for various sizes of beverage cans and bottles, from sodas and mineral waters to beers, ciders, wine, and beyond. With a standard configuration of 6 or 12 beverages, S-Bar™ can be built with a larger capacity to match your needs.

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